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Qualitative safety advice, training &

occupational hygiene measurements.


A selection of the most interesting projects to date..
Industrial Hygiene
- Measurements
- Risk:  modelling  
  qualitative or quantitative  

The most fascinating hygiene measurement campaign took place in Norway.  At a pilot installation for refining metals at high temperatures, the dust exposure was mapped by more than 50 stationary and personal measurements (950-element analysis). This was evaluated in accordance with EN-689 and the Norwegian legislation.

Risk-Analysis and
Safety and Health Standards

Different kind of risk analyses can be performed in the domain of safety and occupational hygiene. The risks are identified company-wide. This is supplemented by department specific analyses like mobile work equipment and traffic safety, noise analyses, HAZOP's, SWIFTS, ...

Over the years there safety standards have been developed.

Official validation of the Risk Analysis and the action plan in the Netherlands is possible.

Proactive KPI's
for being ahead of Incidents...

Sometimes it is possible to predict and prevent incidents with well defined pro-active safety-KPI's and goals. 

The possibility to define these KPI's depends on the safety maturity of the company which is company-specific. 

Tracking the
Critical Risks

Every entrepreneur wants to prevent fatal or serious accidents with permanent disabilities. HYSA has a methodology to make these Critical Risks visible and resolve them.


It is important that all data is collected immediately after an incident. HYSA uses the ICAM-methodology (Incident Cause Analysis) for the investigation and analysis. ICAM finds its origin in the aerospace industry of Australia. It is a structured way to find underlying causes and makes the root causes visible. A fault tree or a cause tree is then easily put together.

Turn Arounds

Erik has coordinated, prepared and inspected maintenance stops in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Certain stops lasted for 3 weeks, 24 hours a day, where more than 1200 contractors where involved. Erik has a certificate of safety coordinator A (Belgium).


Nyrstar, Imerys Talk Gent, AB-InBev Leuven, Eurocontrol Maastricht, HE-CO construct Bocholt, Bayer Medical Care Maastricht, Vasco Group Dilsen, Borealis Geleen, Metallo Belgium, Prevent Leuven, Humat, SOS Safety opleidingen, Cosanta, JBF Global Europe, Prebes, ArboUnie, Premed, Chemours Belgium, Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Defensie België, Umicore Hoboken, Legrand AV Netherlands, EUROPORTS Belgium, Heraeus Electro-Nite, JORISIDE, Chemours Mechelen, Rotec Arendonk, Atlas Copco Wilrijk, Van de Velde, Vandezande/Vamenco, Constructiv, ICL Grobbendonk, HAVI, OCI-nitrogen Geleen en Safetywise Solutions Melbourne.

Other expertise

- Registration and evaluation of dangerous substances. Glove risk assessment.

- Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis of hazardous substances.

- Job-observation program.

- Evaluation or layout of emergency and evacuation plans.

- Advice on new construction or renovations.

- Workplace inspections or company audits.

- Fit-testing of respiratory protective equipment and associated training for the use of respiratory protection.

- Sound measurements, individual personal measurements (dosimetry) and layout of sound plans.

- Dust measurements and source detection.

- Measurement and training for carrying out gas measurements in confined spaces.

- Climate measurements: dry, humid and radiation temperature, air speed, humidity, CO2, air velocity / draught, ...

- Updating Safety- and Health standards.

- Safety training / training / toolbox meetings by HYSA or through partners.

  Discounts for courses in Belgium are possible via 'KMO portefeuille'

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