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Qualitative safety advice, training &
occupational hygiene measurements.

Network - Co-operation

HYSA maintains an extensive network of companies and colleagues in Belgium and the Netherlands. HYSA can provide specialists in many fields of expertise and training in those countries. 

HYSA works together with:

- Cosanta BV on the expansion of  

  'Stoffenmanager' in Flanders.

- Safety Wise Melbourne for ICAM-

  investigations and training of accidents

  and incidents in Europe.

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Who is HYSA and Erik Schuurmans?
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HYSA is founded in 2017 by Erik. He has built up a wide experience at the multinational company NYRSTAR in the fields of Safety, Health, Hygiene and Environment. He was the advisor of the operational local management of the sites in Europe as well as the manager of the safety department and the medical service of the site in France. As the 'Global Safety and Health Coordinator', Erik managed about 13 sites worldwide. He has a considerable amount of international experience.  

  • Safety Manager (HVK-Netherlands), Prevention Advisor level I and II (Belgium) and Industrial Hygienist.

  • More than 10 years certified Safety Manager in the Netherlands and Industrial Hygienist and expert in measuring dangerous substances.

  • Safety Coordinator A (Belgium) and a lot of experience in the guidance of Turn Arounds or Shut Downs.

  • Auditor (Lead auditor ISO9000 and internal auditor ISO18001, 14001 and 9001).

  • Tutor and trainer at institutes in Belgium and abroad.


HYSA offers a competitive price-quality ratio in comparision to external (arbo)-services.

HYSA is unique as a company because it is situated on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. The culture and legislation are well known as the company runs projects in both countries. HYSA has even experience in France, Norway and Australia.

Knowledge is important to HYSA

Keeping knowledge up to date is crucial in the domain where HYSA is active.
Following training courses, network meetings and symposiums is elemental.

HYSA has memberships on:

  • Prebes
    Flemish association for safety managers

  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veiligheidskunde (NVvK),
    Dutch association for safety managers

  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Arbeidshygiëne (NVvA)
    Dutch association for Industrial Hygienists

  • Belgian Society for Occupational Hygiene (BSOH)

  • Vlaamse beroepsvereniging van Veiligheidscoördinatoren (VBVC)
    Flemish association for Safety Coordinators

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